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Feature Request for Studio One 5 to implement transport fade in and fade out on start/stop (like in Reaper)

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asked Sep 17, 2020 in Editing by rileypiening (270 points)
Ive ran into issues with some audio files ive recieved from clients where an audible click or pop happens when starting or stopping when not on a zero crossing.
I thought studio one was failing on me and I was going insane until I realised it was the audio file and not the DAW. reading forums online it appears that this is an issue for multiple daw users for both midi and audio files. Reaper has included a feature where you can specify a start and stop fade to counteract these zero crossing pops and clicks and I think this would be a fantastic enhancement to the already amazing Studio One workflow.

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answered Sep 21, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
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