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Asio4all set up with Spark amp usb and usb mic

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asked Sep 4, 2021 in Studio One 5 by scotttaylor23 (130 points)
Hi I have studio one 5 latest version. I have asio4all installed.

I have a blue snowball plugged in via USB

I have a Spark amp plugged and getting audio from it.

I am unable to get audio from my mic

I set up the asio4all with both devices selected and still won't work

I go into the audio io setup and it won't accept the mic as stereo or mono the L or R once I select ok they disappear.

I can use the mic once I make it default in windows sound set up but when I go back to the spark it stops the mic audio.

I was under the impression this can be done with that right? Any tricks here?

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