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Ability to apply effects etc. vertically 'through' tracks

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asked Apr 27, 2021 in Editing by kenrainforth2 (100 points)
I don't think it's a feature but I was thinking, when you use the Arranger in a track for a certain part of your song, I think it would be great to be able to select that part, so vertically it selects whatever is in the arranger column and then you can add say 'Echo' to that whole vertical section.

I wanted to do this myself on a song, it was only 1 bar but I wanted the whole song, at that exact point, to all have echo applied and I had to go through 5 tracks, one by one, adding it to each one individually. It just popped in to my head to suggest this as a feature. If it is already one then can you tell me how to do this, if not, I'm adding it here as a request.

Maybe others would find it useful and I do think it's a cool feature request, I've not seen this on any other DAW either.

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answered May 2, 2021 by tothrec (31,840 points)
I don't think I could support that type of workflow feature.  If I want an effect on ALL tracks, I'll put it on the Master bus and use automation to control when it is used and when it is not.

If I wanted to apply an effect to multiple tracks (but not all of them) for a given section of the song:

1. go into console view (F3)

2. select all of the tracks you want the effect applied to

3. open the browser (F5), go to audio effects, drag the desired effect onto the Send of one of the selected tracks.  This will add the new effect into a new FX bus and add the send to all of your selected tracks.

4. Right click on the fader for your new FX bus and select "Edit Automation Volume"

5. Back in track/edit view (F3), select the region and set the level of the effect (using the volume automation) you want during and outside of that part of the song