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How to apply effects to portions of midi/instrument tracks

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asked Aug 11, 2020 in Studio One 5 by darrenshady (200 points)
I'm still very fuzzy on application of effects, processing and control of midi/instruments.  I want to selectively apply filters, eq, fx to various portions of the track.  Not having any experience with other DAWs, I'm not sure how this can be accomplished without apply to the entire track.  Obviously, for something where I want automation of non-instruments parameters (for instance, a build up before a breakdown/down).  Automating gain on the instrument is not ideal and I also want to apply some shaping (echo, etc) just to the build up.

I see 2 options.  

1.Covert midi to audio track

2. Aux channel and apply to channel at specific times (I don't really understand how to use aux,vca,etc, and struggling keeping my channels straight in combination with multi-out instruments(impact xt)

Are these the correct way to do this?  Pros and Cons?

Thank you so much!

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