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Sound Sets No Longer Appear in Studio One (version 5 .2.1.64495)

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asked Apr 29, 2021 in Studio One 5 by antg1 (720 points)

While working in a MIDI file whereby the entire set of Sound Sets were visible in the browser, they suddenly disappeared. I've closed and opened the program, rebooted the PC, refreshed, renamed the folder then added the folder back in Options, triple checked the Path, all to no avail.  Oddly, the Sound Sets are all visible by opening Windows Explorer.
Again, the exact same identical Path in Windows Explorer shows all Sound Sets are there however in Studio One, no Sound Sets appear. When you right click on the Sound Sets folder in Studio One (as you can see none are loaded) and choose "Show In Explorer" it's empty. See the attached image for verification.

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answered Apr 30, 2021 by antg1 (720 points)

Original folder was in c:\users\(my user name)\MyPreSonus | Installer + also MyStudioOne sub folders

Closed Studio One. Moved the entire MyPreSonus folder to the My Documents\MyPreSonus location.

Opened Studio One, rescanned, closed Studio One.

Moved all back to original location. Opened Studio One, rescanned, solved.