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Where are my Studio One 5 stock plug in presets after uploading 5.2 update?

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asked Apr 30 in Studio One 5 by rickmunoz1 (260 points)
After installing the new 5.2 update from 5.1.1, my Studio One Stock Plugin PRESETS are all missing for some reason. I have the plugins themselves, but the PRESETS are missing. Where did they go and how can I get them back?

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answered May 1 by reubenrusch1 (250 points)
Hey  there. I had this same issue several times. Its best to save presets to a different location to the presous  folder. I have lost my vst presets and unfortunatly  windows 10 seems to overwrite the whole folder on update. If u have shpere or back up studio one before you update you can save them. Otherwise i found no other way accept to update presets or load presets from my personal folder in documents rather than the presonus s5 folder.