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Ok, how do I find my question Yes I see the other post first before asking

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asked May 1 in MyPreSonus Questions by jebbyslonar (430 points)
Question about the 'Q&A' interface here, how do I get to my own account's questions of the past?  I have come to an epiphone regarding the problem I used to have a year ago.  Can't find my own question to add the answer.  Is there an account page with my own questions?
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answered May 1 by tothrec (20,680 points)
On the main Questions page, on the right, at the bottom of the Categories is "My PreSonus Questions"
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answered May 2 by jebbyslonar (430 points)
Turns out I had posted on the forum.  Because it was over a year ago, and because this is an easier part of the website to find, I thought it was here.  Here is a link to the forum for anyone with this question who may have forgotten they had posted not here, but in the forum: