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Best way to find your own questions/post

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asked Jun 26 in Customer Account Portal by kurtdrubbel (1,220 points)
edited Jun 26 by kurtdrubbel
Title says it all really.

I have a hard time finding my own questions/posts on the Q/A forum. (edited)

Maybe there is a quick link i'm not seeing ?

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answered Jun 26 by wahlerstudios (63,090 points)
selected Jun 26 by kurtdrubbel
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Congratulations! You have earned a PreSonus medal... - if there was any...

The Forums and "Question & Answers" are two separate things. PreSonus abandonned the Forums after creating Q&A as THE ULTIMATE solution, which would solve all problems. It seems that Q&A is also forgotten nowadays. There are several CLOSED groups on Facebook replacing the former forums. You find some listed on PreSonus' Facebook pages under "Groups".

The Forums have all the features users like. Facebook is Facebook... You like it, or not..
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answered Jun 26 by wahlerstudios (63,090 points)
Click on kurtdrubbel (asked ... by ...) -> Recent Activity.
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answered Jun 26 by kurtdrubbel (1,220 points)
Nope, in the forums i can not see my name anywhere,

Once i do find my own name to click on (in an answer on someone elses post) i do get recent activity.

This gives me the 100 posts i have ben active in, not my own posts unless i spend 10m searching in those.
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answered Jun 26 by wahlerstudios (63,090 points)
Yep, I described how it works in "Answers", but you were asking about the Forums. It's different there. Log in, go to User Control Panel ("Front page"), look for "Total posts" and "Show your posts". Then you will see any single post of you in chronological order.
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answered Jun 26 by kurtdrubbel (1,220 points)

Hi and thanks for explaining more.

I must be daft but when i go to my presonus i see my purchases and nothing more.

In Q&A (here) i have no control panel.

Even when i do find my name and click on it i get my stats but i can't even click on the quaestions.

I must be really overlooking something here

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answered Jun 26 by wahlerstudios (63,090 points)

You are near... ;-) Obviously you are not registered as a Forum ( user, so you haven't posted there. It says " No members found for this search criterion." So you are talking about "Answers" and you find "Recent activity" in the small grey area above "User kurtdrubbel" where it says: "User kurtdrubbel (underlined/active) | My favorites | Recent activity | All answers".

I said you are near...

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answered Jun 26 by kurtdrubbel (1,220 points)
Hahaha, yes indeed.. near but quite far.

The 'recent activity' tab gives me 'all' posts where i helped, answered etc so there will be hundreds of posts that are not mine.

What i am looking for is a button next to that or somewhere else saying 'my activity'

I had no idea the forum needs another registration but for now i have no real need to become a member ther i think unless that would solve this question but i doubt it.

There is a favorites tab as well, would help if i could mark my own as favorite but the add to favorite button on a post eludes me as well... :o
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answered Jun 26 by kurtdrubbel (1,220 points)
Awesome, another medal for my hall of internet fame, if there was any :D

Seems my confusion and disbelief are not unfounded although i was almost sure i was looking in the wrong places.

I am sure things wil further evolve and get better.

For now thanks for clearing things up a bit otherwise i might have wasting time searching for things that aren't there.

Cheers, Kurt