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Stomp box on/off automation not to appear as edits in undo history

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asked May 3, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by blakealbinson (2,270 points)
So, if you automate a stomp box to turn on and off, those automation moves register as edits in the undo history as you play back. I'm not sure why this is useful. It is not an edit I'm performing as I'm listening. It's playing back an edit I already made as an automation move. It also triggers an edit in the undo history when you simply move your playback cursor to a spot where the automation has changed. Other automation parameters that are on/off states don't behave this way -- i.e. insert bypass/un-bypass, eq band active/inactive, etc.

The biggest way this hinders workflow (besides clogging up the history window) is that if I undo to a certain point to compare my recent edits to a previous state, when playing back it registers stomp box on/off automation as new edits and clears the recent edits that I was just comparing against.

The work around for this is to turn Read to Auto: Off on every instance of Ampire with stomp automation. Which is time consuming. I can't think of what the benefit to this behavior is in the first place.

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