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I would like these features to be possibly added in the Midi Editing Capabilities

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asked May 17, 2021 in MIDI Editing by Myron Grimes (320 points)

These features may seem difficult, but if they are able to be implemented. I really do think that they will be "Workflow" Game changer for Studio One. 1. I would like the ability to use the same "step process" that you are able to implement with an "audio file" when you produce a "Fade In and Fade Out". All you have to do is just drag the end of the "audio file section" and a fade in or out is generated. I would like to bypass the process of having to put a "Volume" "Edit Line" that is the current practice, or having to make the "midi note" an "audio wave" just to implement a fade in or out. If we are able to just use the same process applied to the audio section on a midi file that would save a tremendous amount of time, hard drive storage space, and production workflow fatigue.

2. While watching the last webinar session from Gregor, he showed us how to have more than one "Plugin" window visible as a thumbnail in an "individual channel strip". This feature works on the "Individual Instrument Channel Strip", but was not available on the "FX or Bus" Channel Strip. If that can be implemented to where you can edit and manipulate multiple plugins while in "Thumbnail View" from a single FX, and/or Bus Channel. That would be fantastic, and I would definitely be ecstatic. That's my feature request for hopefully an upcoming edition of Studio One, hopefully in 5.


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