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How do you put a VST on a track in Studio One 5?

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asked May 19, 2021 in Studio One 5 by ulrichburke (220 points)
Dear Anyone.

I've got a legit. Studio One 5 on my Windows 10 PC.  I'm a total noob with this, my other DAW was unique, it made things nice and obvious and it actually worked logically.  Unfortunately it's only 32-bit.  I'm hoping to use it rewired to Studio One BUT -

I can't find anything, anywhere, that says 'Put VST on This Track' in Studio One.  I've cracked setting a track up.  I've even cracked getting the ghastly keyboard thingy up that lets you play sounds note by note (nobody heard of notation on Studio One? Y'know, the upside-down lollipops that worked so well for Mozart? Rhetorical question!) Thing IS - I've been through every single menu and nothing anywhere says 'choose VST to use on this track' or similar.  And the instrument column on the right is totally empty.  Anyway, it's saying 'external instruments'.  I don't have any.  I'm VST Central.  When it loads up, it says 'Scanning VSTs' and it goes through my entire list.  And that's the only time I ever see them.  (Mods, 'cracked' here means 'gotten the hang of', not 'I'm using cracked software!)  If I'm missing what to click on to make it show VSTs, please tell me, but I don't think there's anything I've not clicked on yet

Please, how do I put a VST on a track in Studio One so it makes noise?  The reason the notation thing's rhetorical is my lovely old DAW was pure notation and brilliant at it - and it's got Rewire! So if I can find out how to put VSTs on tracks in Studio One, I'll be hopefully able to Rewire Quick Score Elite to it and have the best of both worlds.

Please, be nice, tell me how to put a VST on a track.  And if the answer's 'choose one from the list in the right-hand pane', can anyone tell me why nothing's appearing in the right-hand pane? They're all there in QSE.  I can't see anything in Studio One.  And all the YouTube vids. just tell you to choose one from the list, they don't say what you do if there IS no list!

I wish, from the heart, they made DAWs understandable.  Quick Score Elite's awesomely understandable, everything's THERE right in front of you.  The rest, including this thing thus far, are nightmares.  It's just QSE isn't 64 bit, I don't know if you can rewire a 32-bit to a 64 bit but I'm sure hoping I can!

Yours respectfully


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answered May 19, 2021 by federicobreno (270 points)
Studio One is well known to be drag and drop, so you click 4ex a Mai Tai and drag it into the playlist, and so with anything in the daw.
Watch tutorials by Quanta on youtube!! He is super detailed!