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Sample indexing - Mark as Favorite or Assign Star Ratings for easy retrieval

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asked May 20, 2021 in Editing by master10 (250 points)
Currently searched files are returned in one homogenous list with no ability to mark/index individual samples with user defined (or otherwise) "labels" for better indexing and searching. When a user holds a large sample library, this becomes unwieldy. Search features that allow users to more easily retrieve samples ARE REQUIRED.

Use case: user adds or stumbles on a killer sample that they wish to use for their next session; allow user to mark as favorite or assign a star rating, or user defined text (e.g. HOT) that can easily be searched back on. Currently, unless they manually scribble down or screenshot the filename, they will not be able to find it for the next session.

With this feature, users would be able to search back all samples either marked as favorites (or with label text) and/or all 3, 4 or 5 star marked samples, for example.

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