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Browser Upgrade 2022

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asked Dec 9, 2021 in Look and Feel by KevinElib (2,030 points)
There was already a request about this update in 2017 but I don't thing we are there yet. The thumbnails in the browser has always been a pretty kool feature. The drag and drop will remain to be pretty dope as well. Now if we can look at Bitwig browser and somehow incorporate that concept with how the categories is designed and also how things are separated for a cleaner system and easier way to search for loops, samples, plugins and instruments. The current tagging system seems outdated and clunky. I never use it as it seems pointless. I think the tags works best for searching for loops/ samples but not plugins. such as instruments and fx. Just so you guys know, I use the Redlight Distortion plugin like all the time when using percussion samples for urban music but the tagging for redlight might be for guitars or rock/ acoustic music. See what I’m saying?

I think Bitwig Studio handles the browsing/ searching the best except thumbnails.

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answered Jan 2, 2022 by Daw Stew (12,160 points)
what bugs me is that when i select a WAV file in teh Browser it doesn't show a visual display of teh audio. That's not handy when you are auditioning a 3 minute audio recording that only has 10 seconds of audio within it. Can we get a visual display so that i can move the playhead to the exact point where the audio starts so that i can audition what i need to hear.