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Better Crossfade functionality; batch fade

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asked May 31, 2021 in Editing by mikesupina (6,370 points)

Hoping for better crossfade functionality. As one who edits a lot, I could sure use a batch fade command where you can select a whole edited event, and then open a batch fade dialogue box where you can select fade in, fade out, crossfade and their shapes, as well as options to leave existing fades untouched, and most importantly, have crossfades be PRE SPLICE. I can not for the life of me ever think of a reason why I would ever want my fade to show up right on the splice, destroying the transient information. I think it only ever makes sense for a crossfade to show up pre splice, preserving the next event. Pro Tools still owns in this department, and as a guy coming from the best and most practical daw for editing, really would love Studio One to become that as I want to be using Studio One full time.

Thanks for your consideration smiley

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answered Sep 28, 2021 by mauriziobaggio (1,110 points)
PRE SPLICE crossfades are needed
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answered Jan 29, 2022 by mauriziobaggio (1,110 points)
on the same page!