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Make Crossfades "Pre Splice"; Fade Options

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asked Jun 9, 2023 in Editing by mikesupina (6,390 points)
Please make crossfades default to "Pre Splice" or "Pre Split". Right now, it gets implemented right on the slice or punch in, which in turn softens the transient of the punch in right where you want your audio to start, so you have to manually move it back every time. It would be fantastic if there was not only a default Fades option where you can select the type of crossfade and length, but also the position of it. In my humble opinion, even though Pro Tools gives you the option of Pre, Centered, or Post edit, the only useful selection would be Pre Edit, because you never want your fade covering up where you want your audio to start. That way, when you do your punch ins and edits, if the fades need to get added or clean up, when you hit "X", the crossfade appears PRE edit, and then you don't have to worry about it softening the transient of where you just punched in.

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