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Feature Request for the next Studio One Update! VOTE and COMMENT to help making Studio One the best DAW. :)

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asked Jun 17, 2021 in Recording by thomaswill (1,000 points)
edited Jun 18, 2021 by thomaswill

First of all nothing of these things mentioned here is ment rude against the Developer Team – you really are doing a good job, but there some (from my point of view) rudimentary features that Studio One just lacks at this point. indecision

1)Non Destructive Record Feature:heart

Means that we should be able with this mode to record several times into one midi clip without replacing the midi events that are already in it.

So for example you record your Piano Chords into the midi pattern and stop the recording there. Than you let the Chords play back and record some Bass notes with the same Piano in the same midi pattern, without replacing/overwriting the old pattern.

Thats a Feature literally every DAW has so except Studio One, so besides all the good Features Studio One has this ist he point where it really lacks some standart ability. So it would be really great to implement that in the next update.yessmiley

2)Resizable Macrobar:

I mean literally all in Studio One is resizable and that is really awesome, but when it come to the Macrobar it just isn’t capable of that. Especially when using Icons instead of text to lable the Macros it’s really hard to see them. So just this little implementation could save a lot Users from hurting eyes.

And of course using Icons instead oft text that you have to read every time, it speeds up your workflow and saves space in the Macrobar. So that implementation would be really nice too.enlightened

3) Mass Midi Export:

You ever wanted to export 50 Tracks in Midi for a client? Studio One just does not have the ability to export several tracks at once in Midi Format (as far as i know,please correct my here if wrong). So that would be also a huge Timesaver, especially when working with clients and collaborating.yessmiley

4) Mass Sample Export:

Of course you can create Markers and export the Sample in between of them, but than you get several folders when exporting and sorting all the Samples especially when you have several hundert it’s the pure pain.

So a Feature like in Cubase would be really cool, where we just can have like 20 Samples per Track with gaps between each other and to export them straight as this 20 Samples into one folder, without setting Markers and having to sort them afterwards.

This would be really amazing especially for making Samplepacks. I have to admit I’m currently using Cubase just for this one reason. If that gets implemented I finally can dump Cubase and work just in Studio One. yesheart

4)Centered Playhead Option:

Just give us an Option like most of the other DAW's have to Center the Playhead. So if you press play and the Playhead reaches the middle of the project the project beginns to scroll, so the Playhead never reaches the end. This is particularly helpful for reading along notes while playing a live Instrument. As it is now it just goes to the end of the page and than changes straight, so you can't just look ahead and play fluently to a Drum track or so. 

So that were all my points and wishes for the next update and I’m sure many of you will agree with me in some of them. If anyone has some Questions please feel free to ask and I’ll further explain it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.wink

EDIT: I gonna add some nice features I find here in the Forum over time. So if you know something very nice just let me and all Users know with a Comment. 

Let's make Studio One the best DAW together. yeslaugh

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answered Jun 18, 2021 by thomaswill (1,000 points)
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