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Please add a live looping feature to the Sow Page like Ableton Live does it.

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asked Jul 8, 2021 in Show Page by samuelfuchs (390 points)
The Show Page already is pretty good, the only thing I miss about it though is the possibility to record and play back audio/midi loops right on the spot.

Instead of having to use pre-recorded backing tracks, I would love to just set the sound design and the mixing adjustments for each track before the performance, so that I could record and play my loops live on stage and build up the song that way= Live Looping! :D

The ATOM Pad Controllers could control loop features like record, overdub, playback, one shot, etc. and maybe even manipulate the FX settings on the Vocal track in real time for example...

If this would be made possible, the whole "Live" Feeling of the Show Page would improve dramatically and open many creative doors for musicians all around the world. Also S1 would probably be the biggest competition for Ableton Live then!

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answered Jul 10, 2021 by sebastianbinner (250 points)
Sounds good.

I record on the same track and wanna hear the recorded sound. But every time i press Rec, the "old" sound is muted.

I came from Cakewalk Sonar and this DAW has this record feature.
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answered Jul 13, 2021 by paullearmonth1 (1,450 points)
I would also love this functionality in both the show and song page. Either in the form of an integrated plugin, or a record mode that allows sound on sound recording.
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answered Oct 27, 2021 by lukejones8 (260 points)
I support this request!

I am currently having to learn Ableton to be able to record there and then move the tracks over to studio one.

I want to be able to have the same tangible experience of just playing guitar with a loop pedal but the ability to record/mix each layer as a separate track. If you can work out a way to do this with the atom sq in S1 (much like the push 2 + Ableton) that would really keep my business.

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answered Nov 21, 2021 by zoranjablanovic (220 points)
I was one step away from buying this great DAW, because the Show Mode looks so promising.

After realising, you actually can't do Live Looping with my plugged Guitar or a Midi Instrument, I decided to stick with Ableton Live.

I hope they will include this function some day.

@Developers, do you guys plan to do this, would be nice to hear about your plans.
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answered Dec 14, 2021 by ronie1 (230 points)
I Support this request, too.

If this feature is implemented in Studio One it will be the best DAW!

I've tried some workarounds in the last days (e.g. mapping midi pads, usability of auto punch in/out) but nothing really matches to the way of ableton runs.
I understand that Studio One is a different DAW against ableton, but i think presonus will get more users (and within more money) with this feature.
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answered Feb 25, 2022 by johnwallace14 (240 points)
This would be a great addition to Studio One. It would keep a lot of us from needing to bounce back and forth between Studio One and Ableton.
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answered Jun 16, 2022 by LambertC (1,560 points)

I support this Request.

if this feature is implemented in S1 I will delete Ableton Immediately!

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answered Aug 5, 2022 by sebastianbisurgi (1,070 points)
Yes. I'm waiting for this feature on the next update. I just don't want to buy another DAW to be able to live looping.
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answered Sep 20, 2022 by pedromora (260 points)
I support the implementation of this request in the showpage as well,  you guys are pretty close, but we still need:these essential functionalities:

#1. trigger the song parts (arrangement) from a midi controller (not just from keystrokes) , also trigger the markers (arrangement mode) from midi controllers (with the same sync options (next beat, next measure) .. so we can use the recording/arragemente sections in real time

#2 record the live performance, both: midi and audio.
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answered Nov 23, 2022 by abdulmajeedbatarfi (490 points)

i also support this request .  ( Studio one , please please , add live looping feature , i love studio one and don't want to switch to another DAW , I've download Ableton and Bitwig just because i need live looping feature , i spent days and hours discovering their looping launchers , but even they are not perfect like what expect , I believe only studio one can built this feature butter than any other compotators .

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answered Apr 2, 2023 by williamwinger (410 points)
Please add this functionality. I love studio One for many reasons and the thought of having to learn another DAW for Live Looping gives me anxiety. The Show page seems really cool, it would be really nice to be able to use that to play live instruments without all the latency, and also have the ability to do live looping from there as well. I feel like putting the Presonus development touch on live looping would make Studio One a major competitor in the game.
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answered May 24, 2023 by setheisenzimmer1 (150 points)
I swear Ableton must have some sort copyright or patent on the way they handle live looping because NO other DAW has that function. I can't even find a third party plugin that even comes close to it.

If the Presonus team can pull this off, I swear, I will fan boy so hard, people will think I am using Reaper Hahaha
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answered Nov 11, 2023 by paulgrant6 (160 points)
Definitely support this request. I live stream on Twitch and have to use Ableton for their clip looping feature. Would LOVE to have this available on Studio One so I can move completely away from Ableton