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songlist sorting.

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asked Jul 8, 2021 in Look and Feel by rohanwalker (880 points)
With a song-list approaching 100. it is difficult to navigate.

starting a new piece the song creation defaults to the pre-destined name and date.

this is fine, but after the first save, then this name cannot be edited without losing or muddling associated data. so out of fear I have a whole list of pieces titled "myname-date" and have no way to identify or change them without running the risk of deleting cross-associated data.

quite often i will not have any idea of what "style" the piece will take until i am half way through creation. then when i do decide on an appropriate association title which clearly describes the piece, I am forced to "save again", meaning that i have two or three pieces of music all the same, but located differently.

this is also difficult because i then cannot add a visible "description" to the name to identify it as "style" or Project.

this is NOT a reference to the "project" page, but a request for "Project Folders" which can be easily moved to external drive storage etc.

I have completed several CDs of music, but have no way of "folder-ing" those pieces to identify them as "completed works" they remain in my song-list in progressively "most recent" order, and I have to wade through them to find the materials that i am currently working on.

I cannot grab an entire song and "move" it to another folder without losing track of VST or PRESENCE instruments. This is mainly through "Fear" on my part, but i cannot afford to lose material from a song that I have worked on for a week.

I cannot "SEE" folders in the track list, nor is it clear where the track and associated audio or vst files are located.

"show in folder" is nice, and provides a bit of info as to what is going on, but again if I touch anything in there then i run the risk of StudioOne losing track of smaller portions of the song data.


IFFF that drag and drop could carry EVERYTHING that is needed to re-create the song itself including 1. all StudioOne materials, 2. all VST materials, 3. all audio files. - WITH AN ASSURANCE THAT THESE PARAMMETERS HAVE BEEN TAKEN CARE OF SO THAT I DO NOT HESITATE THROUGH FEAR.

My computer music system is complicated and has taken a LONG time to work out all of the VST and Midi implementation.

It also took a great deal of time to "DESCRIBE" these parameters to StudioOne in order for it to work correctly.

I cannot keep track of all of the "finer details" of each inclusion in a piece of music. a VISIBLE FOLDER containing "all relevant data" would help.

sorry, this subject is confusing, i am confused about it even as I write this, I HOPE my description is clear enough.

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answered Jul 9, 2021 by allengarvey (860 points)
If you have a song in progress you can use "Save As" and use a different name for that. You can also rename the containing folder for a song without worries of corrupting the song. Note if you rename the folder the link to the song in the open recent files menu option will not work, but you can still manually open the song by finding the renamed folder and selecting the song file.