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make Macro Organizer better

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asked Nov 13, 2022 in Look and Feel by princeagrawal (13,690 points)
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Macros are a great thing in S1. However, the Macro Organizer could be made a whole lot better in S1. Here are few of my suggestions/feature requests : 

1. Add 'Author' and 'Keyboard Shortcuts' Columns : Right now to view keyboard shortcuts assigned to a macro, the user has to continously switch between the keyboard shortcuts application and the Macro Organizer. This would be much easier if Macro Organizer had a column that shows Keyboard Shortcuts assigned to the macro. Also an 'Author' column would be handy if the user wants to see all the macros created by say Gregor or a certain User.

2. Sort by Name in Columns : Currently when you click on column names in the macro organizer, it does not sort the items in that column. Adding this feature would be really nice to be able to sort all the macros by macro name, group, author etc. 

3. Search Bar : A dedicated search bar is so desperately needed in the macro organizer. Searching for macros should be as easy as looking for assigned hotkeys in the keyboard shortcuts application. Furthermore, the user should be able to filter the macro search results by different column attributes.

4. Building new macros using existing ones : If you want to build a new macro that is very similar to an existing macro, but with a few command and/or command argument changes, the current way to do that is to remember/note down somewhere the commands, the command argument of each command and their order, create a NEW macro, reassign the commands, arguments, order etc, make those few changes that separates the new macro from the existing macro that you remembered earlier/noted down and then save the new macro. This is super inefficient. 

It could be made much better by a simple "SAVE AS" button as in picture below. So you could take an existing macro similar to the one you are trying to create, edit that macro and hit "SAVE AS", to save the few changes made as a new macro. This would now mean that the LHS commands section in the macro editor should now also include both commands and macros.

For example : you created a macro using specific commands and arguments for navigating forward in timeline in a specific way, and naturally you want to create same behavior for navigating backwards. So rather than creating the backward macro from scratch, you could take the forward macro, make few changes and "save as" for the backwards macro. 

5.  Allow Drag n Drop from Macro Organizer : Keeping in spirit of S1's drag n drop ethos, please allow macro items to be dragged from macro organizer and dropped onto macropage buttons. This is currently not possible (as shown in gif below) : 

Right Click on GIFs and select "Open Image in New Tab" to see them in full enlarged view

6. Allow Macro Organizer to work with Keyboard shortcuts application side by side : currently you can't work on the macro organizer and keyboard shortcuts application side by side (as shown in gif below). In fact you can't do anything until you close the keyboard shortcuts application. Being able to switch back and forth between Macro Organizer and Keyboard shortcuts application while both are open side by side would be so useful. You should be able to create a macro in one and immediately assign a keyboard shortcut to that macro in the other while both are still in view side by side, for improved workflow efficiency and immediate visual feedback.

7. Allow macros renamed in Finder/Explorer of OS to be reflected in Macro Organizer : If you rename a macro in macro organizer, the macro gets renamed in the windows file explorer location as well, but the vice versa is not true. If you rename the macro in Finder/Explorer in windows, the new name is not reflected in macro organizer. 

8. Making macros using parallel commands/logic : Currently you can build macros only by stacking commands in a serial order (one after another sequentially), which is fine for making simple macros. To achieve more advanced functionality and behavior, please add CONDITION based or IF-ELSE type programmability into the macro building process. 

9. Ability to duplicate (copy/paste) macro menu buttons and groups : Currently you can only duplicate macros when they are on the macro toolbar. Please add the ability to duplicate macros within the Macro Organizer itself, so that those duplicate macros can be used to build new macros in any layout the user prefers.

Also, it is currently not possible to duplicate the macro buttons layout, entire macro group layouts or Menu items layout for quickly building new macro pages and groups from existing ones. Please add this feature. 

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answered Mar 8, 2023 by sedrickgomis (540 points)
Would love to see changes to the Marco organiser !

It doesn’t fit the philosophy, functionality and branding of s1