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Inputs Greyed out and dissapear when selecting Apply

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asked Jul 10, 2021 in Studio One 5 by davidgronback (120 points)
Just purchased Studio One but I can only assign inputs from  the 1st and 2nd input on my audio interface. In SONG SETUP- all input sources are shown accross the top of the grid (analogues 1 - 14)  but when I attempt to add additional inputs in audio I/O setup they become greyed out and dissappear when selecting OK. The interface I am using is the Soundcraft 12MTK mixer with 14 inputs. I have PC (Win 10) Intel i7 Eight Core 10700 2.9Ghz (4.8Ghz Turbo) CPU. Tried re-installing USB/Asio drivers with driver signing off and reinstalling Studio One - no change. I have purchased the full Professional version but not yet activated it as I may need to return it I cant overcome the issue.

Any ideas what the problem / solution might be?

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