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Where did the “recent songs” list that displayed on start up go?

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asked May 10, 2021 in Studio One 4 by dixietaylor (240 points)
Studio One 4.6.  On boot up, the program that has been working daily for the last 2 years asked me if I agreed to the terms of use, as if I were a first time log in. Then I noticed that the “recent song” list was gone. Blank, except for 5 songs I worked on 2 years ago.  What has happened?  And there are glitches in the song playback- little stutters that are not there when I hear it again.

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answered May 10, 2021 by tothrec (31,680 points)
Sounds like you got your settings folder wiped out.  Or at least the file that retains your "recent projects".

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