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Can Studiolive series 3 mixers be used with pro tools for dolby atmos mixing via normal or interface mode?

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asked Mar 31 in StudioLive Series III by jerryabernathy (120 points)
In addition to Studio One 6 software, I also have Pro Tools. I have a Studio Live series 3 mixer an a 24R rack mixer and an Intel MAC computer. I want to experiment with Dolby Atmos mixing. I have the Pro Tools setup with Dolby Atmos renderer and my MAC computer is setup with the Apple AVDEC controller. When I connected to the Presonus mixers I can see the interface is available but I'm not sure how to connect my outputs for this multichannel application in Pro Tools. Does Studio Live series 3 mixers support the necessary mutiple outputs? What about Interface Mode?

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answered Apr 7 by mackjohnson1 (71,500 points)

This video should help, if you haven't already come across it. 

If you're using more than one mixer you'll need an AVB switch to connect everything.