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A Hotkey or macro request for transfer notes function.

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asked Aug 17, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by adammccready (770 points)
Hi there,

I use the ‘transfer notes’ command from the drop down menu to send notes that I have selected in the piano roll to a different instrument. In fact I use so much I would like to have it on a hot key and then be able to assign it to an Atom SQ user key or S1 remote button instead of having to right click and then navigate to the function. However I don’t seem to be able to find this command in the keyboard shortcuts manager or macro manager to do that. Is there a way of doing this that I am missing or does it require some more in depth scripting work? There are one or two other functions that I have similar frustrations with but the Transfer notes function in particular would be super super useful to have on a single key/button.

Thanks in advance,


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