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"Repeating Notes to Part end" should not connect directly to the last note

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asked Dec 10, 2019 in Editing by Michael1985 (12,910 points)
edited Dec 10, 2019 by Michael1985

I really like the new MIDI editing features. A function could possibly be made even more variable:

If I use the new command "Repeat notes to the end of the Part", then it might make sense that you have a choice that also pauses are considered. For this one could set in which range this break should be considered (eg 1/2 or one bar)
Consequence: In a selection, it is always repeated after the selected subdivision range has ended.

I select a 1/16 note at the beginning of a measure and choose a repeat space of one measure. Thus, the 1/16 note is repeated only at the beginning of the next measure up to the end of the note instead of the note on the note.

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