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Feature Request: Nicknames/Aliases for plugins

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asked Aug 31, 2021 in Look and Feel by triplefam (290 points)

What if you could give nicknames to plugins from within the Plugins-Manager?

This would give the ability to tweak the names of plugins (on the front end) so that when you add them to a track, they have less obtrusive names than SUPER_COMPRESSION_PLUGIN_VST_64_3 and instead Super Compressor.

NOTE: I'm not referring to the ability to rename INSTANCES of insert plugins once you've added them, I know that can be done already and it's been a huge help! Basically what I'm talking about is the ability to tidy up this giant pool of VST plugins we all collect by giving a nickname to some of the more... wordy plug-in names.  See the provided image for an example

 Also, what's cool about aliases is that, since you can't just go and hardcode a new name for a VST/AAX/etc plugin, the alias/nickname enables the user to tie their own custom title which could then be matched up with its corresponding plugin in an XML/JSON type situation stored on the user's drive.

Just thought I'd throw this out there, because the idea hit me and I thought it'd be really neat!  Loving Studio One!

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answered Sep 6, 2021 by davidviera2 (940 points)
FL Studio allows you to rename the vst plugins from the pool as you want... It's a simple change... I don't know why S1 not think about this
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answered Sep 9, 2021 by Fornicras (2,090 points)
Yes! I think it will be great to have the ability to change the names of the plugins. In FL, we can do it.

Hate to see all those (Stereo) or x64 or some other nonsense in the plugin's name.