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S1 Feature Request: Hiding the User Icon at the Top Right Corner

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asked Jan 4 in Look and Feel by kahohreka (250 points)
edited Jan 5 by kahohreka

Could you please consider adding an option that hides the user icon at the top right corner?

I upgraded to Studio One 6 Professinoal mainly because I read an advertisement ( that said now users can hide unnecessary tools in the UI using the Customization Editor. "Just the tools you need." I found it great, so I chose to upgrade.

However, after upgrading it, I now have a newly-added UI element, that is, the prominent user icon at the top right corner. This is an unnecessary tool for me, but I don't seem to be able to hide it.

Please allow me to hide the icon at the top right corner.

Also, thank you for your great product!

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