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Smart Folder group PLEAAAASE

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asked Sep 1, 2021 in Recording by romaindescampe (3,670 points)
edited Sep 2, 2021 by romaindescampe

Hi there,

Would it be possible that the group button remembers it's settings when clicking on and off instead of destroying the group?

When working on drums it drives me nuts! Why would you destroy a group everytime you press that button??

Shouldn't be the opposite, that you kill the group by going in the track list and press on the group and that it makes the group "sleep" when clicking on the blue group button as it's where you tend to press the most when working

Basically I always remove the insert thing in the group settings but then I adjust volumes on individual track before grouping again for editing and them forget about it... but I'm like hey it's missing this or that and decide to add a plugin on the whole bus and then it adds it to all tracks which isn't cool!!!!

Hope this gets heard!

You can check out the issue here:

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