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How do I use a Faderport to toggle loop/continue for a song/section in Show Page/Perform mode

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asked Sep 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by joemuharsky (330 points)

Not sure if this is unsupported or I'm doing it wrong.  Assuming it's a supported scenario.  And more generally, I'm super-interested in a deep-dive video into how the Faderport can (and can't) be used with Show Page right now.

ENVIRONMENT: Studio One 5.4, Faderport 3.44 Firmware


  1. Connect the Faderport.
  2. Open Studio One to a Show that has an Arranger section that loops.
  3. Press play on the Faderport to start the show from the looping section.
  4. Press the loop button.
CURRENT BEHAVIOR: Nothing happens
  • The section toggles between Loop and Continue mode.
  • Stretch Goal: Holding the Loop and pressing the RTZ left/right buttons increments or decrements the loop counter

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