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Stand alone show page app

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asked Aug 28, 2021 in Show Page by stevena1 (670 points)
Would be nice to be able to export a show and have it be able to run inside a stand alone showpage app without the overhead of the DAW, just running what you need. Then you could run it on say, and IPad, import the show file and run it as a stand alone program without the DAW.

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answered Sep 16, 2021 by edbentley1 (170 points)
I do lots of nursing home me gigs with backing tracks on my iPad

It would be nice to have a show page app to open my set list on the iPad

Just a thought

Ed B
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answered Sep 13, 2022 by jimmykennedy1 (600 points)
Hi, good idea a Show Page App check out my Idea for Show Page question, cheers..