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"Bussed" tracks are still playing when bus is muted.

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asked Sep 20 in Studio One 5 by kevinhicks4 (190 points)
Basic user here - just looking to send all instruments to a bus so I can overall adjust the volume while tracking vocals. This was working fine, but now any NEW tracks I create and send to the bus only lower/raise in volume slightly (while the other tracks go completely silent when the bus fader is turned down.

Also, it isn't working on any new projects at all, so I'm thinking there's some monitor setting that got turned on that I am unaware of.

So, older projects - new tracks don't work properly. New project, ALL tracks don't work properly.

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answered Sep 20 by tothrec (21,660 points)
Sounds like you just have a couple things out of whack.

Instrument tracks can have multiple outputs, so maybe check that first.
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answered Sep 21 by kevinhicks4 (190 points)
It's the same thing with audio tracks as well. I saw something that talked about the Crosstalk switch, but when I "turn that off," it turns back on again when I close out the window (because it is "on" again the next time I open it.

Somehow, all of my tracks are routing directly to the master as well as the bus. I just can't figure out where it is.