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How to increase tempo and sharpen tuning?

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asked Sep 20 in Studio One 5 by scottcattral (130 points)

Transferred old project reels to wav files. Transfer resulted in tracks being to slow and tuning flat. Looking to increase tempo and bring tuning to A440 so new tracks can be added to project. New to Presonus  and could use some help with this .

Thank you

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answered Sep 21 by stanthompson2 (3,990 points)
Press F1 (help manual) and look into editing and arranging or do a search for tempo and tuning.

Also, there are plenty of YouTube videos on Studio One on those topics as well
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answered Sep 24 by aka_busker (31,890 points)
You are flat because of the speed the tape played back at.  Check the wow/flutter of your reel to reel.  If its both slow and flat it's sounding like an issue with the reel to reel playback.  You need to be careful with arbitrary settings changes.  Speeding up the playback increases pitch of the playback.  Think of it this way - half speed playback drops tone/tuning of the piece by an octave.  Doubling the playback speed will tune it up an octave.  You may need to look at the rubber band that connects the rollers inside the reel to reel.