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No audio on my Studiolive 32R 's Mix Outputs with Studio One v5

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asked Sep 21, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by toddcharron (130 points)

Hello, I'm trying to send cue mix's through any of the 1-16 Mix Outputs for individual HP mixes. No luck. Main outs and HP work fine but I really want to have eight stereo cue mixes at my disposal. Am I missing a setting somewhere? All of my I/O's look right, It's even showing meter movement on the assigned cue in the I/O area. 

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answered Nov 6, 2021 by joshuabushee (190 points)
im still trying to figure this stuff out myself. I wish they would do a detailed tutorial on the topic. Open up universal control and click on one of your 16  aux mix buttons on the right, it should bring up a hidden mixer area for that aux mix . make sure volume is up in there. on mine its track 1 and 2, the same as whats being sent to the mains. In order to make them pan stereo you ll have to create sub group and link the channels as a sub group. something like that. hope that helps.