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no output from outputs 1,2,3,4, s/pdif, just headphones

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asked Feb 5, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by iomtvufx (100 points)
firstly, I bought this from a seller showing me via video,  that he was able to passthrough audio...while NOT being able to connect to a computer.  thats what i wanted like with my other interfaces....apollo twin, saffire and clarett passes audio without assistance from the software/computer.  Well that hasn't happened.  So I connected it to my laptop via Logic X, and wallah...sound......out of the headphones ONLY!!!!  Are you kidding.  This is the worst interface Ive ever dealt with, and Im a PROFESSIONAL with Major gear.

He refuses to answer me how he got the sound to passthrough without computer connection.  BUT I do see he was able to get output from the rear outs...not just the headphones.  Since after viewing 18 videos...and 100 of UNANSWERED question from this company on the Presonus site.....Im starting to agree with many disgruntled buyers, and WHY you discontinued a unit after 4 years??  Thats fishy, and I would NEVER had bought this if it wasn't for his deceptive video.  He never let me see if the power button was Blue.  He hounded me daily, sometime 3 times a day trying to lower the price and showing me its never been registered....until last night, when I registered it.

Your company need to step up and regain your reputation you had back in the day.  I owned a lot of your gear years, mp22? etc  alot.  I own your 8channel interface that I use for A-aDat which works well.  So, can you help me because the videos are useless to me,  and I'm no novice believe me.

Please answer back...redeem yourself with responses.  I will say I have many followers on social media, from google-youtube-fakebuuk-twitta-instaham etc.  I want to help you......So help me.  Thanks in advance....Raj Hollomedia

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