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To be able to select separate input and output sources for recording in the Windows version of Studio One

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asked Jul 31, 2021 in Recording by warrenng1 (150 points)
Hi, I noticed that this is a feature available on the Mac version of Studio One, where users are able to choose an input device (for example an audio interface), while also being able  to select a separate output device like a high performance DAC for the output. However, this option does not seem to be available on the windows version of Studio One. I was hoping that this feature will become available to the windows version of Studio One, as it makes it more convenient for recording purposes. Also, my Blackstar HT5 amplifier allows for a USB output into the computer, and this requires that I be able to select a separate input device for the amplifier and the output device for audio so that I'm able to hear what is being recorded into Studio One.

I'm currently running Studio One 5.2 on Windows 10.

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answered Jul 29, 2022 by bradleygibson2 (200 points)
Hi, I am Facing the same problem. Have been using Studio one 5 Artist for broadcast mixing. I have 64 channels of dante and am sending out a mix on a Presonus audio box 96.

My setup is a 2010 mac pro, single core xeon with 16gb ram.  Its a bit old now and am switching to windows 10. I just thought it would be the same on windows version. Not to be..

Any help on this matter would be appreciated..


Brad Gibson
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answered Jul 22 by matthijsg (440 points)
Same here. Very annoying and a reason for me to either buy a Mac (which I canĀ“t afford) or switch to another DAW. I really don't get it why Presonus doesn't address this problem.