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Anyone who managed to connect and sync Quantum 4848 to an M1 Mac mini?

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asked Oct 2, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by nickkyriakidis (140 points)
Is there any user that managed succesfuly to connect and sync Quantum 4848 to a 2020 M1 Mac mini (Big Sur 11.6) using Apple's TB3 to TB2 adapter with the 2m TB2 cable? The adapter is from 9/2019 (model A1790) so is it fully compatible with the M1? Computer and adapter tested with another TB2 audio interface and also failed to sync. Any suggestions?  


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answered Dec 13, 2021 by roidebruijn (810 points)
edited Dec 13, 2021 by roidebruijn

hi nickkyriakidis

Im running an m1 mac mini (2020) with the quantum4848 via TB3 to TB2 converter

... connected to the 2 m TB2 cable...

my mac is running big sur 11.6

So i guess this is exactly the setup you describing. 

And yes it all runs well without any issues ... fully compatible.

Not sure if and why you have problems. maybe its the converter?.. *just a wild guess since thats about the only thing that could be different from our setups.

if you have any questions.. feel free to ask. 

kindest regards.

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answered Jan 5 by christophnoe (250 points)
I have big issues to get the Qunatum 4848 running on my 2020 M1 Mac Mini with MacOS 12.0.1. Although the interface is indicating a proper Thunderbolt Sync with its blue light, my Mac does not recognize it as an audio interface and Universal Control (3.6.1 , FW: 1.2-35) opens with a strange state. Showing the Quantum 4848 but not offering the option to set clock etc.

The really crazy thing is that after installing and deinstalling drivers for hours yesterday, at the end it was running. Today I started up the mac. No connection ....

I also own a Intel MacBook from 2017 and with this everything works fine.

One thing I want to try out today is to exchange the thunderbolt cable (2m at the moment) with a shorter one (0,5m). I read somewhere that somewhere that this fixed someone reporting a similar issue. I'm sceptical but it's worth a try.

If this won't help. I think I will send the unit back.
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answered Jan 5 by christophnoe (250 points)
Hi nickkyriakidis,

Exchanging the cable to a shorter one did not change anything so I decided not to waste more time and money with the Quantum 4848 and use the chance to send it back because it is within the return period.

I also own a StudioLive 16R Mixer and also with this one I constantly have trouble because it is not able to keep 44.1 Sample Rate. I love StudioOne but the drivers of Presonus hardware are very disappointing to me.

Now I have to find a different solution to connect my outboard gear.
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answered Jan 6 by christophnoe (250 points)

Although I returned the unit, I told the Presonus support team about my issue with a screenshot of Universal control with the error state I got. As you can see there is no option to set clock and sample rate options. Restarting the quantum, restating the mac, disconnecting thunderbolt and power supply all this did not help. 

They replied that it is due to the fact that the sync to the clock failed it seems to be set to external. They suggested to use an external ADAT or BNC clock or to use a different computer to set the clock settings to "internal" and then reconnect to the Mac mini.

Maybe this helps someone discovering this thread when troubleshooting a Quantum 4848 sync problem.