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Studio One Show: Lag Switching virtual instruments or VI Sounds during Show performance on Mac Mini M1 Big Sur

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asked Mar 29, 2021 in Studio One 5 by joebrninghoff (390 points)
edited Mar 29, 2021 by joebrninghoff

I m originally coming from Cubase. Then I used logic pro. Because my band uses the StuidoLive 24 III Mixing Console as the 24R III Rack Mixer as a monitor mixer  or standalone for smaller venues I am using Studio One as DAW for my band.

Since Studio One 5 is able to run an arrangement track in its Show Module there is the opportunity to  pre-produce a show for live perfomance in a way no other DAW can do. Big compliment to Presonus software engineers for this long wished feature. Thank you :)

This way I can not only create patches for any part of a song telling Studio One 5 what FX plugin is used with certain presets on  audio tracks, basicly live performed external and virtual instruments now can  be used in a very comfortable way. Due to the new arranger track in the show module of Studio One  I am able to use different patches on specific song parts now,  enabeling an instrument track switching from one virtual instrument to another, regarding what  part of a song is actually running. NICE!

The switching from one Instrument to another by patches works. Basicly., but  it causes glitches/lags on my sytem/my computer inviroment 

I mean:

Studio one is doing exatly what it's supposed to to when I run a show after I created patches picking an virtual Instrument with a certain sound: The Intro with patch A (i.e. Cello from  a Sampler ) puts  a cello to my hands, the Verse starting with Patch B (fpr exampkle a Synth), gives me the Synth sound I want, without that I have to care about the next sound while I am playing live. Basicly great feature, - but particular not yet: 

Loading/switching from one instrument to another by a patch causes the show player to halt/delay while Studio One is busy to loading the "new" Piano instrument and it sounds/samples preset saved in the patch.        

Ok. this behaviour ocurred on my Mac Mini M1 Big Sur 11.2. (I know, I know,... I was too fast buying this) 

Anyone else with same problems ?

Anyone else with same problems under Big sur on a Intel based mac? 

Same problems when only using Presonus instruments delivered with Studio one? 

Or is this a problem that only occures with third party products?  (I am using third party Instruments from Native Instruments as from Steinerg as well.)


ist there a opportunity what lets a Studio One Show preload all used/pached Virtual/Instruments or sounds into a cache BEFORE the show is started, so loadtime of virtual instruments is being reduced and the show module doesn't stop/lag???

greets from germany,


My Gear: 

Mac Mini M1 16 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD Big Sur 11.2.3, 
Presonus Studio One 5.2
Controller Keyboard: Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2
in this context: Third Party Produkts/Instrument libaries:
Native Instruments Komplete 13
Steinberg Halion 6

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answered Apr 7, 2021 by giuseppebalestrieri (170 points)
I have the Same issue with my Lenovo Legion Y740

I7 8th gen. 32 Gb of memory Windows 10 Pro!!!!!!!!
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answered Mar 24, 2022 by timbrown16 (410 points)
Hey Joe, did you ever find a fix for this? I've got a similar set up and have run into this issue myself on 5.5 with my M1 Macbook