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Adding MIDI Transpose to Multi Instruments

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asked Oct 5, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by midiman4 (740 points)

I love the Multi Instruments feature of S1, especially for live performance.

One thing that's missing however is the ability to transpose the incoming MIDI for one (or more) of the Instruments within the Multi Instrument (i.e. a 'Transpose' Note FX option).

This is quite a common scenario in a live situation, where multi instruments are used split across the live keyboard. The Input Filter is great for mapping out the split.

The trouble is there's no way to transpose just a single channel of the multi-instrument. It is possible to use the normal 'Transpose', but it applies to all the notes coming to the multi instrument and so affects all the Instruments.

It would be great to have a new 'Transpose' Note FX selection that would transpose the notes for just the assigned instruments.

[N.B. Some instruments have the ability to change octaves, some don't depends on the plugin]


Left-hand C0 to B2 is Input Filtered for Kontakt Electric Guitar

Right-hand C2 to C6 is Input Filtered for Kontakt Vintage Organ B3

But, the organ notes needs to be transposed make full use of the keyboard. In this example, we want a MIDI C2 to play a Kontakt C0, but only for the Vintage Organ B3. This allows the multi instrument layout to be independant of the place on the keyboard where it's played as well as the instrument plugin (some of which don't support octave changes). So cool!

This would be a great addition for live performances. Please UpVote!

And BTW, thanks for the S1 5 Show Page!

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