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Provision of a "listing pannel" to allow easy access to presets for external multi-timbral MIDI devices.

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asked Mar 15 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by rohanwalker (480 points)

Dear Presonus.
I come from a very long history of Midi.
And please remember, in the days before digital mixing, Midi was the ONLY way to produce large orchestrations, without investing in Fairlight CMI, or Synclavier.
I have a huge rack of midi synths that are no longer accessible to me.
The reason for this is that Studio One does NOT support clear access to the “preset” listings of external synthesizers.
Studio One handles presets for “virtual instruments” beautifully. There is a clear list that is automatically presented to the composer when the instrument is initially loaded from the browser.
Not so with external synthesizers. There is (apparently) no access to the preset listings, nor is there any opportunity to create such a list.
This problem has “lost to me” access to 20 external multi-timbral synthesizers and an absolutely huge library of sounds – ranging into the several thousands. Not to mention the investment of money and time that such a large rack represents.
I have been watching and waiting for you to fix this, but there seems not to be any interest. Am I a dinosaur? Is my species on the endangered list? Is Midi to be left behind?
Sorry, I am not angry, I am simply patiently waiting.
Do external presets have a place on your “to do” list, and if so, how far down are they?
Please note: I AM grateful to you, your systems are incredible, and most certainly created by an outstanding architect. Congratulations.

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answered Aug 31 by ayhantanyel1 (170 points)

I'm still waiting for this patch. I hope this problem is fixed soon.