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Feature Request: Make AtomSQ send pitch bend, AT, touchpad and note on/off on SAME midi channel outside of Studio One

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asked Oct 5, 2021 in Atom Pad Controllers by jonemery (350 points)
When using Atom SQ as a generic midi controller (outside Studio One or Live), the midi messages are not all transmitted on the same midi channel. Pitch bend and touchpad (mod) are hardcoded to channel 1. Aftertouch is hardcoded to channel 10 (the drum channel, lol). The pad note on/off can be changed and stored as a preset but there is no way to have all midi messages sent on the same channel.

Request: Have pitch bend, touchpad and aftertouch track the same midi channel as the pad note on/off configuration. This is hardly a "new feature" request and is the only logical way this should work. It's a shame this will require up votes to accomplish since there will not be many that even own the Atom SQ let alone use it outside of Studio One. Live and learn.

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answered Jan 11 by brianfrank7 (160 points)

I agree this is a major bug in Atom SQ that must be fixed.

The problem is Atom SQ sends notes on channel 1, but sends the Polyphonic Key Pressure (Aftertouch) on channel 10. This violates the MIDI 1.0 spec & does NOT work with Ableton Live & other devices that expect the messags to be on the same channel.

PreSonus please fix this bug, it ruins the best feature of the Atom SQ.

Of course allowing us to set the MIDI channel of the controller makes even more sense, but at least put the polyphonic aftertouch messages on the same channel as notes!