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Matching colors on the top line of Atom SQ pads to the bottom ones in sequencer mode with not just Impact.

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asked Apr 12 in Atom Pad Controllers by bobvaro (150 points)
It is only possible to change the colors of the top line pads on the Atom SQ using Impact (for easy instrument navigation with different colors for kicks, snares, hi-hats,...). When I try to use 3rd party plugins or other PreSonus plugins, the top line of the pads stays the same color (blue in my case) and only the bottom layer has colors that match what I set in Studio One . It would be nice to set specific colors for e.g. all your kicks, snares, ... on the top layer of the pads in both 3rd party plugins and the other presonus plugins so we can visually see and select them to put them in sequencer mode for programming. This is currently only possible with Impact.

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