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Sometime the cursor from my mouse disappears

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asked Oct 8, 2021 in Notion by elizabethalsop (2,750 points)
Occasionally when working in on a score in Notion my mouse cursor dissapears and no matter where I click I don't see it. I bang the mouse on the mouse pad a few times and keep clicking in the score in different places and it eventual reappears. I never reported it because I thought it was maybe an issue with my mouse although it never happens in any other software and it's happened with more than one mouse.  But I just found out it happens to a friend who just started using Notion also. We are both on Macs. I don't know if she is using a mouse or finger on a laptop but the cursor dissapears. This has happend since I started using Notion a few versions ago and probably 3 or 4 operating systems ago on Mac computer.  This should be under bug reports rather than feature requests but since it only happens occasionally although at some point almost every time I use it, it would be hard to reproduce.

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