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Please users, upvote stabilising software instead of fancy feature upgrades

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asked Nov 3, 2020 in Studio One 5 by tumbling dice (570 points)
The team claims that requests with the most upvotes get processed first in the next upgrade, so I'm hoping this outcry for fixing bugs instead of adding new, fun but not very necessary, features to Studio One will reach the number of upvotes that gets the S1 team to have a serious look at it.

I've come across so, so, so many bugs throughout my years using Studio One, that, even though I love the look and general user-friendly feel of the DAW, I'm coming to a point where I'm starting to doubt continuing with the software. This is not about a specific bug that needs to be fixed, but about the insane amount of bugs that all need fixing to be able to seriously work with this DAW in a work environment. I've worked with Studio One for more than five years on multiple computers, so I know it's not my setup, and no, blaming plugin manufacturers for bugs is not going to cut it (I've seen it happen).

To name just a few bugs that have been and still are present:

- crashing at startup

- insane CPU spikes

- bad CPU distribution (for instance, plugins on busses seem to have a much heavier load than on tracks)

- ADC (automatic delay compensation) not working properly

- crashing when using templates

- crashing when opening song files (sometimes with hardly any audio and plugins)

- undo button suddenly not functioning anymore

- loading Melodyne for no reason (and crashing because of it)

- Crazy Mix-FX CPU spikes (Mix-FX was being sold as having a light CPU load)

- Glitch noises when loading in plugins

- Crashing when autosaving

- Random click/pop noises

- Adding reverb tails to starts of mixdowns

- Audio dropouts when moving or editing audio in higher latency mode

- Automation drawing glitches (like freshly written automation disappearing)

Most of these bugs are not always present in every project but seem to randomly jump in and out of existence from project to project, which make the DAW still kind of workable, but at the same time, it feels like having to be constantly vigilant and mistrusting your essential work tools while working.

I don't care if the product becomes more expensive, working with programmers in app development and having programmer friends, I understand that fixing bugs can sometimes be more of a painstaking and less of a rewarding endeavor than adding a new feature, but it has now gone too far for me personally to take this software serious any longer. I was able to take the more buggy software for granted because the workflow was so awesome, but I feel like now you guys keep strategizing on adding new 'super cool' features to stay ahead of the game, even though your core features are still not working properly.

Please don't tell me to contact technical support, and please don't act like this problem seems to be happening only with me. It's not, I've been seeing these bug issues all over the forum for all these years. I've been with you since S1 v1 so please take me seriously. And for people reading and agreeing, please upvote so we can see if they take their own statement seriously.

I think I can guarantee you that, even though just fixing bugs might seem like a meager thing for a new version update, you will gain the respect of all of the serious Studio One users if you would do this.

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answered Nov 6, 2020 by lewpshekla (2,600 points)
Yea this is still very sad Presonus is not addressing these issues. The smearing of transients when doing any sort of processing and audio manipulation is awful. Just makes everything you drag into s1 sound weak! I have been working in Bitwig for the last 6 months and it has been a joy! PDC is amazing within Bitwig and a bad joke in Presonus s1