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Windows 11 support

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asked Oct 13 in Studio One 5 by aka_busker (31,890 points)

I have been looking at Windows 11 and wondered how S1 was for supporting Win 11?  Is there compatability o.o.t.b?   

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answered Oct 15 by alessandroferrillo (180 points)
Hi, S1 5  (latest version) definitely works with Win 11 (latest version:22000.258). I'm testing both on a mule (Lenovo P50) and they work great. I'm having issues with the WiFi driver causing degradation and errors in the Studio USB driver (Studio24c) but this is being addressed in a separate support call.

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answered Oct 15 by aka_busker (31,890 points)
Hi Alessandro.  Thanks for your response.   I have heard about the Intel Wi-Fi issues but not the usb audio drivers.    Well, seems like rule #1 is in effect.    Don't update your operating system mid project.  Thanks again.