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presonus studiolive 16r with Cubase

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asked Oct 15, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by davidjcollier (140 points)

I am trying to work out a few things to see if the presonus studiolive 16r will be suitable for me.

I currently own a iMac 3.1ghz with 16gb Ram and run Catalina OSX. My DAW is Cubase Pro 11.

So my question is really is the presonus studiolive 16r compatable to use as an audio interface for Cubase? Does this use the USB for connection & directly into my Mac? & what are the sample and bit rates of the presonus studiolive 16r, latency is obviously important so what are we looking at?. Will I be able to use all 16 mic inputs simultaneously to record drums, vocals & miked up guitars etc at once??

I have looked around the net to see if I can find anyone else doing this but no luck at the moment

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