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Can I use a presonus studioLive 16r with a FaderPort 16?

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asked Dec 7, 2022 in FaderPort 16 by aeonhorus (120 points)


I am looking to make the purchase of Presonus StudioLive 16R in the new year but I want it to integrate my hardware set up into Ableton on my windows 10 (soon to be updated to Windows 11) based PC.

In my set up I haveā€¦

Roland TR8 - 4 outs

Roland Ju-06 - 1 out

Roland VT-4 - 2 outs

********* Neutron - 1 out

********* Pro-1 - 1 out

********* Model D - 1 out

********* TD-3 - 1 out

Akai Rhythm Wolf - 2 outs

Akai MPC One - 2 outs

I also want to incorporate a FaderPort 16 later on in the year too. 

My question is will this all run seamlessly into Ableton, each instrument on its own independant channel/track?

Thank you in advance...


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