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Could you (please) email me the MIDImix.surface.xml file you put together??

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asked Dec 23, 2021 in Studio One 5 by JackLPier (120 points)
I looked at that .surface file and there are no controls listed for Buttons and LEDs.  I did see 3 pairs of them (Solo, Mute and ARM) in the FPCommonControls.surface.xml so I imagine you added them to the  Is that correct?  If so, and you can send me the file, it would save me a ton of time.  jack leonard pier at gmail (no spaces, with a .com at the end).

Here is an example of the settings I found:

<Control name="soloClearButton" type="trigger" options="receive"> <MidiMessage status="#90" address="#01"/>


<Control name="soloClearLED"    options="transmit"> <MidiMessage status="#90" address="#01"/>


I can see how setting up the Solo pair so they are tied to the MASTER Solo button, but we have 8 Mute and 8 ARM buttons.  Can we just setup a new control for each and name them uniquely, e.g. solo1ClearButton thru solo8ClearButton, etc...?

I've spent a lot of hours on this... I'm hoping you can save me some...  :)

If you can email me the file, I'd be happy to send mine to you so can take a look at it...



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answered Feb 9, 2022 by simeonwebber (140 points)
can you also send me a copy of the mods to xml please keen to get this nice surface working
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answered Aug 12 by markusf (210 points)
I made a repo with the configuration, hope it helps :)