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MIDI delay when my digital piano is connected

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asked Jan 2, 2022 in Studio One 5 by thomasclarke3 (120 points)
Guys I’m hoping someone can help with my issue. I have studio one artist 5, hp laptop running windows 10 with i5 processor and a Yamaha clavinova clp 645. I have connected the piano to s1 using the usb host to one of the USB ports on my laptop. In s1 i have set the piano up as an external keyboard sending all channels to s1 and also set the piano up as an instrument receiving all channels from s1. I have also switched off the midi local control on my piano.  I have also installed the yamaha midi usb driver. Everything works properly, everything is being recorded and sent back and fourth to the piano just how it should be but I get a delay that I cannot get rid of. It’s like the piano has lost its response and you’re playing with a sustained notes always and can’t get a nice short sharp note. I have lowered the buffer/block as low as possible. I have also a version of Cubase AI 11 that I got bundled along with another instrument. When I connect the piano to cubase I don’t have this issue. Why would this be happening in studio one? I want to be able to record the midi data when I play the piano, tweek any mistakes that I will make and then playback using the sound of the actual piano not a VST. Also no issue when using a VST it all seems to start when the sound is routed back to the piano.  Any help or pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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