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Importing Markers with naming and time stamp

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asked Jan 3, 2022 in Recording by thomaskopf (240 points)
I'd like to find a way to import markers to the marker track of the song, that I work on.

I have several use cases I could think of.

I do Voice Over work and often have list of content I have to record and sync to an existing video, containing the words to be recorded, a time index, where the words should be put, and a number or ID that line would get for later reference

Combined with the export feature of exporting between existing markers, I would also easily be capable of exporting every line as a single file with the marker name as reference.

At the moment I have to add every single marker by hand. Dependent on the projects length this can be very time consuming. An Import feature for markers would be of great help.

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answered Apr 5, 2023 by carstenaltena (640 points)
This would be great. Also the ability to import Comments generated within for instance, or other video editors.