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Importing multible wafe files while matching daw tempo

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asked Jun 26, 2021 in Studio One 5 by michaelmcgrath4 (440 points)
I import backing tracks to DAW so I can play along and mute instruments when that player shows up to practice.

Been working with Sonar for years and had no issue with the tracks lining up to metronome when importing.

included with these files is a click track.

These are in the form of MP3 files from link below.They do not have tempo info.

I record them with count in click so I can align it to the second measure when importing.

I start new song, select tempo given from site and drag files to the measure. they play in time with each other, but have variations in tempo in various sections of the song. they are set to (dont follow) I select a loop region for the song length. seems the click track should align to every quarter note but it does not. I tried melodyne to determine tempo on that track and it confirms stated tempo I confirm this in drop down. still doesn't follow metronome. I select track to follow DAW tempo, Still not lined up. If I quantize it takes the first transient from second measure and moves it to the second beat of second measure with all other transients on that track lined up. If i use bend tool to move it back, it crushes previous transient.

As it stands, I cant even get the click track to line up tho it sounds fine by itself without daw metronome, much less the other tracks to line up to that. Can you point to a tutorial on importing multi audio tracks verses short loops and midi?

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