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Amplitube 5 CS MIDI control in StudioOne

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asked Jan 7, 2022 in Studio One 5 by williaminglis (190 points)
Anyone else having this issue? I cannot get Amplitube 5 CS (VST version) to see any MIDI info - to control the amp knobs, pedals, etc. MIDI is working in Ampire and every other VST I have installed, its just Amplitube 5. I have the Fender amp collection 1, Studio One Artist 5, and a Nektar Impact LX 25+. I have a thread on the Amplitube forum for this as well, but thought someone here might have had the same issue. Thanks in advance for any advice!

1 Answer

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answered Aug 11, 2023 by jannepuhakka (140 points)
Same problem here. Works in Ableton and other plugins work without problems.

I just assign parameters instead to connect my controller to Amplitube.

I would like to see this getting fixed.